release date:

April 30, 2015


My Own Truth – Album

  • 1.Back To Life
  • 2.Follow Your Heart
  • 3.My Own Truth
  • 4.Eastern Train
  • 5.When I See You
  • 6.Earthquake
  • 7.Rockin' All Around
  • 8.Struggle For Deliverance
  • 9.Lonely Man's Song

Hard Rock sound, combined with Heavy and Power Metal elements, reflects the band's many different influences. A strong rhythm section, melodic guitars, leading keyboards, and wide-range vocals deliver nine songs full of cool riffs, catchy melodies and memorable choruses. Attractive vocal melodies, combined with grooving beats and thrilling solos, are the most powerful features of the album.

Back To Life
Shadows appearing in my room
And voices calling my name
The desire of my heart
Is ready to play their game

I see the dark side on my wall
Whispers knocking on my door
Search the burning gate this time
To escape and survive

Needing someone to care for me
To take me higher
And I found it on your face

And every night sitting here and I’m all alone
Trying to change all these painful thing
Baby tonight you will win this unequal fight
To bring me back to life

I started a new day not alone
I see in your eyes the sky’s blues
Your hand is close to my own
I’m living my life with you

I found the real myself again
Those nights made me understand
That I want you by my side
To turn back the time


So many times I don’t know who I am and how I used to be
So many nights I don’t know what I’m feeling
I feel the emptiness inside when you're far away
I wanna tell you that I want you, I need you
To bring me back to life
Follow Your Heart
I wake up every day with rock in my head
I don’t need breathing only music instead
My heart beats only for this reason
This music is alive and needs your addition

So let me tell you for one more time
We’re gonna rock the day and all of the night

Follow your heart
Only this way you can go far
Follow your heart
It’s only up to you to find your life’s part
Follow your heart

You can’t find a better place to go
Other than big one live show
And when you listen all the music notes
You want immediately to give your souls

So let me tell you for one more time
We’re gonna rock the day and all of the night
My Own Truth
Anytime that I’m asking someone
Searching for any help
Every time that I m trying to find out
How can we live?

When I’m walking below the sunlight
And looking up to the sky
And the wind in my face surrounds me
Gives me a will to fight

How can I, fly away now?
How can I dream again?
Where can I find my own truth?
How can I live again?

When I’m wondering with thoughts of new life
Leaving behind the past
New hope in my life now rising
Gives me a will to fight

When I’m walking below the moonlight
Under infinite stars
And a dream from my childhood coming
I can see the dawn
Eastern Train
North, Journeys really worth
Travelling back and forth
Mountains rivers both

Under the endless sky
the express is flying high

Rolling on its rail
Like a sun ray
Bursting out of the rain
The Eastern train

West, τowards the sunset
It should get some rest
Given all its best

Every night and day
coming all this way


South, the peculiar steaming sound
Approaches the cave mouth
Light suddenly goes out

And stops just not exist
until it gets back to the East

When I See you
Wherever I go I see your face
You give in my heart all the needing pace
When you smile you give me hope
I’ll never ever leave you alone

Oh baby,I try to show
That only me love you so
Look into my eyes,tell me what you realize
These lyrics are true they’re from me for you

When I see you baby
I feel like being in heaven
And when I dream of you
Is like reaching the sky

Through the dark and misty night
I’m gonna make you feel alright
I don’t want anything else
Only to care for you and no one else

I don’t know if you have me in your mind
But you’re in my own all the time
How can I change my feelings? How?
Oh baby,I wanna hug you now
The soil is trembling by an unstoppable force
Sublime and tempting, I let my heart take its course
A great disaster upon the whole world
Come to me faster, before you get hurt

The strongest foundation
Beneath your safe location
I split the earth in two
Inside I’m falling for you

Earthquake! I’ll make the ground shake
Earthquake! Just for your own sake
Earthquake! Keep you all night awake
Earthquake! My love is like an earthquake

Humid dark fissure cracks under your legs
Enjoy the pleasure, feels like having sex
Love pouring fountain, unable to stop
Climb up the mountain and jump from the top


Rockin' All Around
Fired up wires
strechin' down the big stage
all the crowd is taken over
My eyes wide open
and a target's in my mind
rockin' all around
and this night stays alive

My heart is pumping
with the rythm of bass
sweat is keeping my face covered
Watching all the lights
blazing through the dark night
shadows disappear
in a blinding music fight

So follow me and join my voice
we ain't gonna leave you other choice

We have the power
We make the rules
We are the sunlight that burns in your souls

My heart is waiting
to the solo guitar
the final moment seems like hours
Up and down
jumping all along the beat
rockin' all around
and this feeling stays on
Lyrics find their way
into everybody's heart
Uniting our greatest powers
I move my fingers
the keyboards giving the tone
sing loud together
all the problems are gone


Struggle For Delivernace
So many aeons ago
Ever since the beginning of time
Lived a nation of slaves in a land
Where the ocean was deep and the mountains were high
Leaders and lords ruled with hate
There was nothing but pain left to feel
Seemed that change was nowhere to be seen
But awoken fate was one day

Out of the sea came a terror of the abyss
Threatening all life leaving no other choice

They will fight against the beast
The people of the ancient land
Now you all raise up your hands
In prayer for their return

They will fight against the beast
Ancient time warriors
Men with no names
Forever they'll live on

Chaos spread throughout the land
Lords corrupt and leaders have fled
Leaving slaves fight for their land alone
Got to get rid of them and the monster as well
All of them stood on their ground
They decided that they fight for them
Maybe change was not so far at all
Cause awoken fate was that day

Out of that sea came the terror of the abyss
Threatening all life leaving no other choice
Lonely man’s song
Living lonely everyday
Seeking friends that mean to stay
Painful fairy tales they say
About the love that slips away

All the things I wanna do with you
Waiting until my dreams come true

The first time I met you
I really knew that I needed you
You drove me mad and you stole my heart
Sweet remembrance of this night
I fell in love with the first sight
No one ever gonna tear us apart

Needing company tonight
Priceless pleasures that you can find
Needing somebody to write
All the thoughts I kept in mind

I just wanna give my life for you
Waiting until my dreams come true


Crying so much now my tears like the sea
Trying not to accept that you are not with me